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Winston and I help busy homeowners, senior citizens, families and businesses with everything from full on contracting work to small fix-it jobs. While we do lots of traditional contracting services, where we set ourselves apart is doing the small things people can’t do on their own. 

From big jobs to small, we’ve even been known to help older people with disabilities do chores around the house. The thing is, that while we have lots of professional skills, our business is about more than that.

Dog & Dan is about helping people with the things they can’t do themselves. It’s more than just the big things. It’s about the little things, the details, that make life worth living and relationships worth building.



Repair, painting, refinishing 

Picture/TV mounting

Hanging or mounting pictures and tvs 

Window/gutter cleaning

gutter cleaning, window cleaning

Pressure washing

decks, siding, sidewalks, etc.

Junk removal

removing junk, metal, rocks, debris.

Dog walking

1/2 price! I’d love to walk your dog!

Car detailing

inside and outside detailing 


full house cleaning, green cleaning available 

Trash Removal

Even jobs as small as taking out the trash.

touch ups

Small painting projects


Repair, hanging, mudding 


Indoor or outdoor 


Hanging new siding or repairing old siding 


Planting, weeding, mulching, and mowing.

Tile work

Updating tile, grouting, laying new tile.


Laying new flooring, refinishing, removing.

Door and window

Installation, removal, repair.

Concrete work

Laying concrete, concrete removal 


Repair, updating, painting, removal 

Garage doors

installation or repair

and much more
Seriously, if you can think of it, chances are that I can do it. Just ask!


“During a recent bathroom renovation I decided I wanted a custom cabinet to sit about the toilet to hold towels and other bathroom supplies. I wasn’t sure who to hire for a project like this. I called a few cabinet companies and was turned off by the prices and the timeframe of getting a custom cabinet built. I checked at the local big box stores, found nothing that I could use in my bathroom. After contacting Dog & Dan Handyman I was thrilled to hear it wouldn’t be a problem to get a cabinet built for my bathroom in a short amount of time! Within a week I had a beautiful custom cabinet in my bathroom and couldn’t be more excited!”

-Jennifer M.

“We suddenly had to take on the responsibility of hosting a family bbq. In a panic I tried to find a company to come make some much needed repairs to the deck where the majority of the bbq would take place. No luck! Every contractor was booked out for weeks! I contacted Dog & Dan Handyman and he was able to come over the next day and make the repairs to the deck. I’m so grateful I found Dog & Dan Handyman. The deck repairs were perfect and the bbq was a success. A great company that took my stress away, and I even got to hangout with the dog Winston while the deck was being worked on.”

-Wallace B.

before & after

Before & After   

Who’s dog?

Ever since he was a puppy, Winston’s gone everywhere with me. I remember the first time I tried to leave him alone and go to work – he gave me that “Wait, you’re not taking me?” look. After a couple of days of this I gave in.

Soon, enough I was taking him everywhere and my clients and coworkers all became fans.

Winston loves riding on the center console of my truck almost as much as he loves naps. And while he does have his “grumpy old man” moments, he’s always the first to greet our customers with the love only a dog knows. Winston loves helping people as much as I do which is why I asked him to partner up with me.

Dog & Dan truly is a partnership and we’re excited to help you with all your contracting and handyman needs. Winston accepts payments in belly rubs and treats.

Who’s dan?

Growing up in a construction family, Dan has been exposed to various contracting skills for as long as he can remember. Sometimes it seems like he spent his entire childhood on worksites. 

Over the last 20 years, he’s honed his own skills as well as developed a passion for woodworking. 

But it was Dan’s grandmother who became one of his most important mentors. A naturally selfless and caring person, she taught Dan about the importance of being a good hearted person who’s always willing to help others.

Dan started Dog & Dan Handyman to combine his love of woodworking and repairs with his passion for helping people. 

Dog and Dan Handyman