Don’t get bit

These days you just don’t know who to trust. Contractors will sell you the dream, but don’t show up when it’s time to deliver.

Sometimes it’s low quality work and overcharging for simple services. Other times it’s selling you services you don’t need or even causing damage purposely just so you’ll pay to fix it.

We are a new type of service that combines the expertise of contracting with the traditional values of a local handyman. With an eye on the future and a foot in the past, we understand that customers don’t have the time or energy to spend on shady deals, or working with the wrong people.

Our commitment to transparent bidding, open communication and high quality work is a game-changer in our industry. From building a deck to hanging picture frames- we provide an honest service with traditional values for jobs large and small.


“During a recent bathroom renovation I decided I wanted a custom cabinet to sit about the toilet to hold towels and other bathroom supplies. I wasn’t sure who to hire for a project like this. I called a few cabinet companies and was turned off by the prices and the timeframe of getting a custom cabinet built. I checked at the local big box stores, found nothing that I could use in my bathroom. After contacting Dog & Dan Handyman I was thrilled to hear it wouldn’t be a problem to get a cabinet built for my bathroom in a short amount of time! Within a week I had a beautiful custom cabinet in my bathroom and couldn’t be more excited!”

-Jennifer M.

“We suddenly had to take on the responsibility of hosting a family bbq. In a panic I tried to find a company to come make some much needed repairs to the deck where the majority of the bbq would take place. No luck! Every contractor was booked out for weeks! I contacted Dog & Dan Handyman and he was able to come over the next day and make the repairs to the deck. I’m so grateful I found Dog & Dan Handyman. The deck repairs were perfect and the bbq was a success. A great company that took my stress away, and I even got to hangout with the dog Winston while the deck was being worked on.”

-Wallace B.

Dog and Dan Handyman